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New Queen - Part 2

Here´s the sequel of the recent custom production:

"After queen Talanis has been punched unconscious in part 1 she now finds herself half naked and her hands tied up over her head.
Her slave (Russlana) walks around her helpless victim enjoying her new gained power by punching Talanis´ lower belly again and again.
The queen begs her to stop the torture, but Russlana reveals her very own plans that may change a lot in the queen´s realm...!"

Again this one has a lot of hard belly punching, but the fatal end will not come before part 4. ;-)

Producer: TITANEIA Customs Time: 10:45 Full HD OCT 2017


Keywords: amazons, belly, punching, topless, dragging, body handling, limp body, non-fatal

Have fun!
Olaf & Team

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