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Hey folks!
Here´s our latest release:
Suri plays an amazon from the closest circle around queen Amathea...
She heard about a treachery at the queen´s court and tries to escape with the evidence...
At the gate of the palace she meets Antaris, an old friend of hers...
But the watchful guard has orders to let nobody leave the palace!
The former friends get in dispute and at the end there´s blood on one friend´s hands...
But the message must be spread just to avoid a desaster for the amazon people!
However...the conspirators are on the watch to save their plans...

Producer: AMAZON-WARRIORS Time: 06:10 Full HD MAY 2014

Starring: SURI, and ANTARIS

Keywords: amazons, topless, leather bikini, sword, arrows, chest, belly, dramatic

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