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Heartless Amazons - Part 1

This is the first part of a huge custom production.
This crazy guy invested a lot of money into it, because we needed 5 girls on 2 production days!
As it came out as a very long movie I decided to release it in several parts.

Here is part 1 for you,
with SAFO killed by throat cut, several arrows in TALANIS' beautiful body,
a sword run through ANTARIS belly and THYARMIS getting killed by a hard thrust of a trident in her breasts...

Averia is the last survivor of a bloody battle - all her sisters have been slain in cold blood...
Her queen calls her and sends her on a special mission which could turn the pages in the war.
She sneaks the enemy fortress and kills some of the sentries.
But the enemy is keeping a deadly secret...

Producer: TITANEIA Customs Time: 13:15 Full HD AUG 2017


Keywords: amazons, arrows, sword, impaling, trident, throat cut, multiple, blood, sandals, bare feet, leather bra

Part 2 is in progress and will come soon!

Have fun!
Olaf & Team

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