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Hades - The Soultaker

Hereīs a new movie for you:
"HADES - THE SOULTAKER" leads you back into ancient greek mythology:

Hades, the lord of the underworld, has called SAPHYRA to his dark hall...
Saphyra is still struggling for her life, and her sisters (Antaris & Raven) try everything to get her back to life.
Eventually Saphyra is bleeding to death due to a heavy fleshwound in her naked belly.
The wounded amazon is in agony...and eventually she fades away to the underworld.
But Antaris donīt want to lose her beloved fellow, so she asks Raven to bring her back from the underworld.
Raven is a priestess and has the power to bring back the dead!
But Hades is not willing to let her go...!

Producer: AMAZON-WARRIORS Time: 06:35 Full HD APR 2017


Keywords: amazons, topless, gore, swords, stabbing, belly, suffocation, foam, magic, bare feet

Have fun!
Olaf & Team

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