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Gunfun Apocalypse 2

And here´s part 2 of the ultimate gunfun-action:
After part 1 showed over 40 quick death scenes in less than 9 minutes we sightly lowered the speed of action in part 2.
Though the running time is more than 11 minutes, we show "only" 22 death scenes...
This means: More time is dedicated to each single death.
More writhing, more twitching, and even a few minutes of panning over the dead and dying fighters at the end.

Producer: TITANEIA Customs Time: 11:14 Full HD MAR 2016

Starring: ANTARIS, and TALANIS

Keywords: modern, sexy, boots, highheels, guns, knife, breast, belly, multiple, bikini

Have fun!
Olaf & Team
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