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Greed Kills All - Part 2

This is the 2nd chapter of a 3-part custom production:
"In part 1 the amazons have raided the temple and slain all the priestesses,
now itīs time to bring the prey to their queen and to get a fair reward for their successful raid.
But the queen is a greedy bitch who doesnīt accept any opposition..."

Producer: TITANEIA Customs Time: 11:42 Full HD MAR 2018


Keywords: amazons, topless, sword, gate, navel, belly, impaled, run through, agony, long suffering, blood, tongue, bare feet

Have fun!

Olaf & Team

Hey Guys! Take note of this!
Olaf is far more generous in sharing his material with you than I!
There are no fewer than SEVEN pictures here ... Eight if you were to count the poster!
Be sure to purchase yourself a copy of this video before the master wears out! :o)

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