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Posh Girl From Disco to Death

This time we have SURI playing a posh girl who gets drunk at a party and enters a time-machine instead of the elevator...
She gets transported into the realm of the amazons who are suspiciously watching the mysterious machine...
Thyarmis, the guarding warrior, decides to make an example of the sexy intruder and shoots an arrow into her belly.
Suri screams in pain, but she doesn´t give up!
What follows is an unequal fight - with a clear winner and a brave loser...

Producer: AMAZON-WARRIORS Time: 09:12 Full HD MAY 2015

Starring: SURI, and THYARMIS

Keywords: amazon, modern, sexy, highheels, boots, arrow, belly, sword, multiple

I hope you like this little variety!
Olaf & Team
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