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The Elixir of Life

Hey folks!
Iīve just finished another custom production:
Itīs some sort of "Indiana Jones"-adventure movie,
but with 2 of my most stunning girls in the main roles! :)
SURI and TALANIS are playing 2 adventurers on the tracks of nothing less than "The elixir of life"...
One of them really wants to find this magic potion and give it as a gift to mankind,
but the other lady has her own plans!
Letīs see who will win!?
main weapons are sword & spear.
Thereīs also a shooting scene, but itīs short and not mortal.
So this one is not for shooting fans!

Producer: Titaneia customs Time: 13:25 Full HD MAR 2014

Starring: SURI, and TALANIS

Keywords: modern, sexy, bikini, highheels, guns, sword, spear, belly, navel, chest

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