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Netflix has a section on their page called Watch It Again and I figured, "Why not? If Netflix can do it then so can your Uncle Buck ... I can assure you that there is nothing new here and at the same time practically promise that you've seen these clips before some place. I will lend credit when I can, but the truth is that most of these video clips were gleaned from the internet over the course of the years. And in many cases, the title is lost because whoever made the clip and posted it did not name the clip with the film's title. In some instances the picture quality is rather poor and at this point there is likely nothing that can be done about it other than to delete the clip entirely. Many of the clips are in languages that are foreign to me but I expect that most of us are here only for the pictures ... So let's see what we have here so far ...

Los Tiburones La Ultima Bala

Sudden Impact

The Rookie